Jewelry with an Old School Twist

aroha silhouettes vinyl record jewelry photo

Aroha Silhouettes' Vapour necklace. Photo courtesy Aroha Silhouettes.

Vinyl records are still admired by many music lovers, but when they break or get scratched, they're pretty much junk—unless you get creative. Designers have come up with lots of inventive ways to use old vinyl records: Here on TreeHugger, we've seen bowls, more bowls and circular earrings. (Even Urban Outfitters is cashing in on the repurposed vinyl record trend.)

But Aroha Silhouettes takes repurposed vinyl records to another level.Jewelry designer Tania Hennessy cuts vinyl records into fantastic shapes, playing with cutouts for contrast to the solid vinyl. Her works of art rely as much on shape as they do on optics like this piece below:

aroha silhouettes vinyl record jewelry hardcover photo

The Hardcover Necklace. Photo courtesy Aroha Silhouettes.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Hennessy moved to Vancouver for a research job in 2007. She began designing her vinyl record jewelry during a cross-Canada vacation, and she's been moonlighting ever since, selling her creative pieces on Etsy.

Hennessy describes her work as "innovative, edgy and deceptive," with a strong focus on making the 2D appear 3D. All of her designs are made with reclaimed vinyl records and sterling silver chains and findings.

aroha silhouettes peephole photo
aroha silhouettes eclipse photo

aroha silhouettes red imprison photo
aroha silhouettes depth photo
aroha silhouettes symmetry photo

Top: Peephole earrings and Eclipse necklace. Bottom: Red Imprison necklace, Depth necklace, and Symmetry earrings.

There's something for everyone in this collection. Strong architectural designs include "Imprison," an outlined cube, and the swirling circular "Eclipse." People looking for classic lines will love "Vapour," a cutout teardrop shape, and "Dewdrop," a solid raindrop silhouette. All designs are made with standard black vinyl records, but some are also made with brilliant red, blue or green. Plus all of the jewelry comes in a reusable metal tin.

One of the great things about this line is its affordability. While they're not dirt cheap (you always have to pay a little more for innovative designs and quality), Hennessy's necklaces range about $35 to $50, depending on the intricacy of the design, and earrings will set you back $25 (a few sell for $30), so they won't break the bank.

With stunningly modern design, and a product that makes a great use of something that would otherwise end up in landfills, what's not to love? I'm getting my credit card out now...

For regular updates on Hennessey's work visit her Aroha Silhouettes blog.

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