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Jendarling has found another untapped niche to claim for green - luggage, and more specifically garment bags. While you can just reuse the plastic that you get at the dry cleaners (if you go to them), those bags often don't last very long and don't cover your entire outfit. Plus, you're just holding the chemicals onto your clothes longer, not to mention increasing the amount of plastic floating around in the environment. Instead, why not try a garment bag that is designed to travel with you around town or around the world that is also made from organic and reused materials.Pair of Jendarling Garment Bags Photo

Each of the bags are made with either organic cotton and hemp blends, or cotton duck. There are leather tags on the bags (hey, that rhymes), but they are reused from textile pieces or from chromium-free vegetable dyed leather. For the vegans in the audience, you can also request that the zipper pull be made from organic cotton instead of leather. The bags are all chic, and in the words of the designer, Jennifer Bennett, they're "evoking 60's jet set chic and eco-fabulous appeal." The bags come in 6 different colors and are lined with silk, though you can choose the Lux Lite version which is pared down - no silk and only available in two colors.

The garment bags are made locally in northern California and have a very low carbon footprint. The leather tassels and labels all come from just across the golden gate bridge and some leather is picked up in Napa - just an hour away. The design studio is in San Francisco as well as the local organic cotton/hemp supplier. Everything comes from a 100 mile radius or less, thus keeping their travel footprint very small.

Jendarling garment bags are available online and can be altered for vegans.:Jen Darling Bags
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