Jazz Up Your Bike with Bold, Vintage Handlebar Bags and Seat Covers

beatrice holiday handlebar bag photo

Credit: Beatrice Holiday

When we saw Beatrice Holiday bicycle seat covers made with vintage upholstery fabric, which slightly resembles our grandmother's old couch--at least the plastic cover helped preserve it--on Modish, we were curious. And when we checked out their shop on Etsy and discovered these brightly-colored handlebar bags which double as shoulder bags (they come with an adjustable strap)--and read their tag line, "wheel cute couture"--we were hooked!

beatrice holiday camo bag photo

"Camo-Flower" handlebar bike bag, vintage vinyl fabric. Credit: Beatrice Holiday

The Denver-based company makes handlebar bags, basket liners, seat covers and even a few accessory offerings, like wallets and recycled inner tube jewelry. Their seat cover and handlebar bags are made with vintage fabrics, which tend to run out of stock, so they are super limited edition.

beatrice holiday photo

Beatrice Holiday Seat Covers. Credit: Beatrice Holiday via Modish
handlebar bag photo

Credit: Beatrice Holiday
handlebar bag back photo

Handlebar Bag, back view. Credit: Beatrice Holiday

Visit their shop on Etsy or the Beatrice Holiday website, for more.

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