Jaime Earl Pre-Shaving Oil and Shaving Gel for Men

Jaime Earl Men photo

Photo credit: Jaime Earl

Move over ladies, it's time for the men's-only portion of the program, where we give a major Beauty Lab shout-out to Team Testosterone, particularly the more boldly whiskered members of that tribe. (You can spot them by their five o'clock shadows, which make them dead ringers for Rip Van Winkle after 40 winks.) For our hirsute brothers in arms, we have two words: Jaime Earl.
Based in Alpahretta, Ga., the organic skincare purveyor has a men's line stripped bare of the chemical muckity muck yet butch enough to put some hair on your chest—or, in the case of its Pre-Shave Oil ($22) and Shaving Gel ($20), take it all off.

The two-step tango, formulated to mollify your mug and thwart inflammation, is worth your while, according to my space-reporter husband. And he should know, considering he's smack dab in the middle of a NASA shuttle mission and doesn't have a lot of time to tend to earthly affairs...like personal grooming.

Color my dude impressed. Despite a minor grouse about the products' unwieldy goopiness, he gave them props for conferring one of the best shaves he's had in a long time.

To wit:

They really gave me a close shave and I didn't have a lot of nicks later, even with more than normal—several days worth—growth. Although there were more steps involved, instead of the usual spritz and slather, it was worth it because my skin felt really soft and refreshed, even with tough spots like under my chin and neck.

And man, oh man, does this wife approve.

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