Jacket Collects And Cleans Rainwater, Stores It In Your Pockets

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We all remember that at least once as a kid, we lifted our heads up to the rainclouds, opened our mouths, and tried to drink the rain as it fell. What if instead of this age-old method, you sucked rain out of your pockets? A design for a raincoat that captures and purifies rainwater could make it that easy for you to get a drink while walking in a downpour.Gajitz writes, "The Raincatch rain coat was designed by Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble to provide clean drinking water to people without enough sense to come in from the rain."

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Rainwater is collected through the collar. It then trickles down the back of the coat where it is filtered through charcoal and "purified using a chemical process." The coat has a series of pockets that store the drinkable water, and a series of straws coming from those pockets so that you can sip when thirsty.

raincoat image

We aren't sure how you'd have enough to drink unless you were out working in the rain or taking a very long walk. Even so, we always enjoy an interesting design that tries to make use of rainwater before it slips into storm drains. Here's a video highlighting the design.

Raincatch from Hyeona Yang on Vimeo.

The designers state, "The Raincatch is a proposal for a garment which is at once a coat and water gathering, purification, storage system that allows the wearer to take a drink whenever they're thirsty... The aesthetics of the coat and simple but elegant, showing the water and the internal workings of the coat, but hiding the water storage and maintaing a clean form factor."

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