its-laS-tik Bags Head to the White House

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As Earth Month celebrations kick into high gear, Sue Princiotto, the designer and CEO of What'S ur Bag, has sent complete sets of her ultrastretchy its-laS-tik bags and pouches to the White House, in the hopes that President Barack Obama will get his staff to do away with disposable plastic bags.

The reusable shoppers, which come in a wide range of trippy colors and patterns, including metallic silver and hot pink, are manufactured exclusively in New Orleans in a factory that was torn down by Hurricane Katrina and then rebuilt by survivors. Made from a flexible blend of nylon and Lycra, each bag is purported to hold up to a walloping 45 pounds and will stretch to accommodate whatever you toss in without tearing. (The bag also bounces with every step you take, which makes for fun toting.) The its-laS-tik range comes in three sizes: pouch ($11.99), medium ($14.99), and large ($24.99).

Five percent of all proceeds is donated to New Orlean's Hope House, a faith-based charity that provides emergency assistance, aids with transitional housing, and runs an after-school youth program, among other services.

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