It's Called Natura because it's Natural

Natura lotion
If you're in the market for a new body lotion, but want something that makes you "smell" like the fruit on the label, then you've come to the wrong place. If, instead, you're in the market for a body lotion that gives you a clean feeling with a very light scent, then the Natura Organic Revitalising Body Lotion just might be your thing.

None of the ingredients were tested on animals at any stage in the making process, even the raw materials. For the vegans in the audience, Natura body lotion is a-okay as its made without beeswax or lanolin alcohol. The "revitalizing body lotion" with mandarin and orange, in particular, has a really light scent to it. When you first use it, you might think "wait, but I want to smell like oranges" but just give it a try or two, and you'll realize how much better it feels not to be coated in a cloud of scent. The lotion gives you a faint, refreshing smell without making you feel like you're standing in an orange grove. We don't mean to harp on this, but we're just trying to prepare you because you might find it strange at first, this is one of the really great things about this product, so don't judge this book by its cover.The lotion is made in Provence, France from organic plant extracts. It includes no animal testing, no petroleum based oils, no paraben, no sls, no als and no animal products. Instead, Natura relies on natural plant-based emulsifiers and oils to provide moisture for your skin without a lot of ingredients that frankly no one can say. Natura is an Ethical Company on the Good Shopping Guide and is a member of Nature et Progres, whose members all agree that products will be produced according to biological standards that are respectful of man and earth.

You can find Natura online at Natura Organics and in stores like, The Natural Store.

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