It's a Coffee Cozy, It's a Wrist Cuff, It's Cozy/Cuff! (Photos)

cozy cuff original

Credit: Cozy/Cuff

While it's obviously best to bring your own coffee mug, whether you're toting your own home-brewed organic blend or popping in to a café for their local brew, there's an option for when you're SOL and want to keep your mits cool while grabbing coffee on the go: The Cozy/Cuff; It's a wrist cuff that doubles as a coffee cozy. Hand made state-side in Pennsylvania, these functional accessories are available in 100% wool felt or vegetable tanned leather and are colored with low-VOC dyes.

And as we've pondered here before in our TreeHugger Survey's: Can a Coffee Cozy Be Green? This is a greener option for those in the affirmative and it has a pretty cool design, too. Click through for photos:

green cozy cuff

The "original" cozy/cuff is a slips on and off your wrist. Credit: Cozy/Cuff
cozy cuff snap

The cozy/cuff "Snap" has two sets of snaps that ensures a snug fit on a mug and wrist. Credit: Cozy/Cuff
cozy cuff skinny

The cozy/cuff "Skinny Snap" has a slimmer design for a more subtle fashion statement. Credit: Cozy/Cuff
cozy cuff leather photo

Vegetable-tanned leather cuff, available in all styles. Credit: Cozy/Cuff

These cuffs start at $25 and are available at Cozy/Cuff. What do you think of these clever accessories? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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