Isoude: Gorgeous Green Fashion That's Built to Last (Slideshow)

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A couple of years ago, I made the New Year's resolution that my new clothing purchases would be limited to green garments. With the quality and selection of ">green fashion that's become available recently, it's been a promise that has been increasingly easy to stick to. But although selection has increased drastically, the majority of stylish designs have centered on the downtown hipster look. That's all well and good for keeping green mainstream and hip...except for one thing: Hip trends come and go with the seasons. And what good is a pair or ruched organic cotton leggings if you can't wear them past next Tuesday? The truth is that to be truly sustainable, clothing -- whether it's made from peace silk or conventional wool -- must stand up to the test of time. That means pieces should not be only durable and well-made, but also designed to drape well and remain stylish and beautiful even after your whim for skinny pants or spiky bangs has fizzled. Enter Katie Brierley of Isoude, whose stylish sensibilities are built for the long haul.

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Green Fashion Week New York
Working from her studios in Rhode Island (garments are also produced locally in New England), Brierley's work is heavily influenced by her global travels, nature, and a respect for fine craftsmanship. From the detailing on seams and pleats to her stunningly beautiful hand-dyed textiles, this is slow fashion at its finest. Working primarily in silk and wild silk, organic cotton, wool, and hemp-silk, Brierley hand dyes the textiles she uses with natural dyes she prepares herself, having learned from her mentor and hero, master dyer Cheryl Kolander. For those of us blessed with a penchant for timeless design and also compelled to wear ethical fashions, the stars have aligned with Isoude. Finally, jackets, blouses, shifts, and even gowns that you'll wear from age 20 to 80 -- then pass down to your daughters. Now that's sustainable design.

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