Irish Organics

More and more women are beginning to get concerned about what is in the make-up and bath products that we use every day. Some are taking the initiative to research and create their own so that they can be sure of what they are getting. Nadur Organics are the first Irish organic cosmetics. They were created by a woman who quit her media job and "spent a year and a half doing research, developing organic formulations, working with cosmetic scientists, aromatherapists and safety professionals and looking at alternative therapies which aided her quest to develop a product range that is safe, clean, natural and organic." Their detox kit contains sachets filled with pure, hand-harvested sea algae from the west coast of Ireland. The essential oils contain the oils of juniper berry, fennel & lemon. The sachet, which dissolves in the bathwater, can also be used as a sponge to wash your body. After using them, you want to float away into a blissful sleep. They also do a bath kit with lovely candles that smell delicious and are toxin-free. As Nadur says: Be pure, be natural & be gorgeous! :: Nadur Organics

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