Ionize Away with Beeswax Candles


Today, I learned beeswax is a natural ionizer. Dust, odors and other bacteria? These guys are positively charged—courtesy of static electricity, they hang around in the air. So, beeswax reportedly emits negative ions when burning, which combat and reduce environmental pollution and indoor air problems in your home. This all boils down to 100% beeswax candles by Luxe for Et al Designs. The naturally smokeless, soot-free, non-toxic and non-allergenic candles ($42 each) are created from "homeopathic" essences and essential oils distilled from organically grown flowers, plants and herbs, which "flourish in lush abundance" in the remote northern highlands in and around Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Yup, and they also smell yummy. To order, call 510-834-1800.