Infectious Disease Neckties = Socially Minded Styling

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You may have heard that well-worn neckties can be full of germs. This isn't one of those posts. Not directly, at least. It's about Infectious Awareables, a California company which sells silk neckties featuring microscopic close-ups of diseases like anthrax and other public health problems like avian flu, breast cancer and climate change. Even dental plaque, dust mites, E. coli and ebola are represented. Sorry, no bed bugs, although that's a good one to include. Infectious Awareables has been around for years, but this blogger stumbled upon a rack of the ties for the first time last week at a store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. These have to make great conversation pieces. The scientific images on these ties almost make up for having to wear a piece of cloth tied tightly around your neck.

photo infectious awareables ties

The company made its debut in 1997 at an American Public Health Association meeting in Indiana. They apparently started with video, and expanded to neckties, scarves, boxer shorts and a new product, BioNotes.

From the looks of things, these folks are having fun with serious issues, and promoting awareness and charity work at the same time. Infectious Awareables donates a portion of sale proceeds to organizations dedicated to research, education or treatment.

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