Indigo Handloom Promotes Good Karma With Ethereal Threads


Photo credit: Indigo Handloom
Indigo Handloom is what Aladdin's cave would look like if it were a walk-in closet. Fit for a modern Scheherazade, the dreamy collection of gowns, scarves, tops, and skirts delights with luxurious textiles, floaty hemlines, and exquisite woven embellishments.

Slip into a fuschia-and-gold shirred babydoll dress, adorned with traditional Jamdani embroidery. Or flaunt those curves with a turquoise-and-copper Marilyn Monroe-by-way of-Calcutta frock. Then top your ensemble off with one of Indigo's sheerer than sheer organza scarves, which charm, romance, and smolder all at once with details like woolen flowers, feathers, silver threads, and sequins.Although many of the pieces comprise conventional—not organic—cotton, Indigo's garb is eco-friendly inasmuch as the fabrics are all handloomed, a process that uses no electricity, in designer Smita Paul's native India. Many of the dyes are vegetable-based, while the weavers who operate the centuries-old looms are doled out fair wages.

And if you're starved for karma points, consider hosting an online or meatspace Good Karma Party. Indigo does most of the work and a portion of sales goes to a charitable organization of your choice.


Photo credit: Indigo Handloom

Photo credit: Indigo Handloom

Photo credit: Indigo Handloom

Photo credit: Indigo Handloom
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