In Colorado, Todd Reed Designs Ethical Fine Jewelry with a Raw Edge


Todd Reed Bridal ring, ($9,900). Photo: Todd Reed

When producing one gold ring generates five tons of environmental waste, you have to think about the price you're paying to don nature's most precious bling.

In Boulder, Colorado, Todd Reed is crafting handmade jewelry with recycled precious metals and his signature, raw and uncut diamonds. What is so striking about Reed's designs is that they actually look like they came from the earth. While some seek the perfectly-cut diamond popular in contemporary jewelry, Reed designs with the natural form of the diamond in mind.

todd reed cufflinks photo

Todd Reed cufflinks, ($9,900). Photo: Todd Reed

"Luxury isn't about the object. It should be more than that," designer Todd Reed says. "My work featured raw diamonds. I look at each diamond as a sculpture, and I want to share that natural beauty."

todd reed rings photo

Todd Reed Vintage Rings, ($25,300 - $46,200). Photo: Todd Reed

Todd Reed's corporate policy it to have "a mindful relationship with civic, social and environmental responsibilities," says a spokesperson for the brand. In fact, when Reed got started there was no Kimberley Process, a certification to verify that the origin of rough diamonds are conflict-free. He started working with a vendor in 1994 who made a commitment to source diamonds from non-conflict areas.

todd reed bracelets photo

Todd Reed Modern and Vintage Bracelets, ($66,000 - $70,400). Photo: Todd Reed

Today, Reed works with 100% recycled materials, sourcing gold and other precious metals from Hoover & Strong, a refiner and manufacturer that has been providing socially and environmentally-responsible products for more than 95 years. From conflict-free diamonds and fair trade gemstones to 100% recycled gold, platinum and palladium, they are the source for green jewelry. He works out of his studio in Boulder, Colorado and sells his pieces in a number of boutiques and jewelry stores around the United States.

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