In Canada, Raw Milk is Rebranded as Cosmetics

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In Chilliwack, Canada food laws prohibit the sale of raw milk but a raw-milk dairy has found a way to skirt the issue and stay in businesses: they've rebranded their milk and dairy products to cosmetics, The Globe and Mail reports (via No More Dirty Looks):

Disparaged as a "sneaky" way of skirting laws against the sale of raw milk, it's the latest development in a national campaign that sets public health concerns against consumers who want pure unpasteurized product.

Though the milk has been labeled Cleopatra's enzymatic body lotion while raw cream alone is called massage cream, authorities claim that their purpose is for human consumption.

Health risks attributed to raw milk are rare but they are real. Cases of disease attributed to raw milk can and do occur every year.

The lack of federal regulation in the cosmetic industry is troublesome. Cosmetics and personal care products seep through the skin and should have comparable regulations as the food industry.

cow milk photo

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In the Unites States, raw-milk laws vary from state to state and it's gaining popularity. People are even breaking the law for it, trucking in raw milk in states where it's still illegal.

Read more on the raw-milk controversy at The Globe and Mail. Do you drink raw milk? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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