Improving Timberland's Eco Footwear


Warren mentioned back in April that Timberland won a Green Award from Backpacker Magazine and, since we're familiar with the company, we thought we'd take a closer look at their newest line of shoes. We were excited upon their arrival since we heard that Timberland was "going green" and the box did in fact have the Green Index labeling that Lloyd introduced to us. For men, the "Earthkeepers" collection has a few different styles to choose from which are made from natural, sustainable and recycled materials. But for women we aren't as lucky. While the Caimile sandals that we tried (shown above) had cute detailing made from coconut buttons and "are Bohemian inspired by eco-chic," there wasn't much else that we found to be "eco-friendly." While our sandals are soooo comfy (we'll surely be wearing them all summer), we were disappointed that more of the materials weren't made from the same materials as the men's. We are intrigued by the Larkspur sandals though — wedges made from natural bamboo. Hmm we could use a new pair of shoes ::Timberland

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