"I'm Tired Of" Bracelets Give Fatigue Just Cause

I'm Tired Of Bracelet photo

Photo credit: I'm Tired Of

Tired of global warming? What about the economy? Breast cancer? Animal abuse? Declare your favorite movement to the world by dressing your wrist with one of I'm Tired Of's bracelets, which feature several chest-thump-worthy causes, from Alzheimer's to world hunger.

Made in the United States from recycled tires (geddit?) and embossed recycled-metal beads, the bracelets were conceived by a brother-and-sister duo who were inspired by the success of Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong" silicone bracelets as a mode of fundraising."What if we could build a community of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people, each contributing a small amount?" Dan Hoffman and Carrie Pollare asked themselves. "What if we could create very inexpensive, but cool fashionable products that people could buy, and in doing so, they would be making donations to a multitude of causes that are important to them? If it snowballed, we could raise millions of dollars to fight for the world's most important causes."

For every $10 bracelet sold, I'm Tired Of donates $5 to its matching cause. If your movement isn't represented, put your mouse where your mouth is and vote for up to three new causes you think I'm Tired Of should immortalize on a bracelet.

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