I Need a New (Vegan) Purse NOW, Part 2

If you want a handbag that is sleek, chic, and makes a serious fashion statement then Matt and Nat's bags are for you. They have been featured in Flare, Elle and In style magazine, and carried by Kim Basinger and Drew Barrymore. And they are vegan, made of the highest quality synthetics and they have been endorsed by PETA. Created by a Canadian in 1997, well before Stella, the designer wants to make "cool products which also happen to be committed to animal rights". Influenced by east and west, yin and yang, Matt and Nat's embrace a philosophy which they call "positivity" and exhorts you to "choose life, salvation and peace within yourself".
Now what about the purses: they look great. There are bronze-coloured metallic clutches for evening wear. There are straw bags with " leather handles". There are black bags for work with over the shoulder straps and lots of pockets. Some have contrasting stitching, others have embossed circular designs .Big, soft looking white bags will hold lunch and your water bottle. There are cellphone holders and inspirational messages written on the lining.

The wallets are very sweet— they come in pinks and greens and oranges with lots of compartments. . Some have button decorations, others have key rings.

And if you want to get really carried away on this shopping spree , there are shoes too! ::Matt & Nat