I Need a New (Ethical) Purse NOW

The arrival of spring is taking a long time and sometimes nothing but a new handbag will lift a girl out of the doldrums. Luckily this season there are lots of funky and stylish new purses that are pretty, ethically sourced and just waiting to get out there and smell the roses. For daily shopping everyone can use a brightly coloured, purple and orange striped basket, handmade in Ghana from Savannah grasses, from DesignAfrica (.net). Or you could carry a recycled jute bag made by Bangladeshi rural women. Originally used to carry concrete, these are very roomy and great looking with blue and red Indian lettering all over, from ::ganesha.co.uk

The Evelyn bag, also from Design Africa is made of purple hand- printed batik, with black design, by Evelyn Tettey, outside Accra. Bucket- shaped, it slips over the shoulder, holds a lot and is perfect for every day wear. So is the jute bag with long handles from freesetbags.com. These are brightly coloured, with big pink or blue polka-dots—so fashionable this season. And you are helping an employment project for women in Calcutta’s sex districts. ::DesignAfrica Let’s go shopping. ::Ecologist magazine