I AM. Yoga Mat Bag Weaves Function, Style and Social Change

I AM. Yoga Mat Bag photoI AM. /via
. Each naturally-dyed, hand-woven I AM. mat bag features a lining made of recycled Mayan textiles and a nifty removable sweat-proof pouch to keep the cotton fabric fresh.

I love any yoga accessory that positively integrates the law of karma. Each of us creates our own karma (which in Sanskrit means action). We can take positive (in)actions or negative (in)actions, and the consequences will mirror what we did positively, negatively or didn't do at all.

If we purchase I AM. yoga mat bags woven by Mayan artisans from Guatemala, the payoff is rewarding.

The fully funded Kickstarter project from I AM. founder Will Baxter intends to give 50% of the net profit made from the mat bags and other accessories back to the impoverished Mayan communities from which the mats are made.

According to his pledge site, Baxter's Kickstarter project won't only bring his meaningful mat bags to sale status, it will indirectly bolster the artisan Mayan community he plans to work with, offering them long-term income generation through his socially responsible business model.

Craving some good karma? Support I AM.

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