How Many Miles Left in These Purses?


A sweet little newsletter called "The Honey" has been circulating around the English-speakers in Israel this week. The theme was Eco-Honey. It's basically a team of women who scour the country for its best finds, and places to eat, and ship the deets off once a week to subscribers.

This week was an environmental theme and included these recycled tire bags, handcrafted by a Tel Aviv designer called Neutra. Ms. Elanit Neutra, The Honey reports, finds herself used tire inner tubes at local garages, and fashions them into a collection of handbags, large courier bags and wallets. Prices range from $50 to $250.

On a local blog, where yours truly is a contributor, we got a comment from a Neutra admirer based in Lebanon. We have copied the comment as it appeared.

Norma from Lebanon writes:

"I just found your green spirit in to fashion i.e. designing bags in a eco-friendly way. I admire your social responsiblity and your innovative creation.


As a partner-PRMD, I'm glad to let you know that our firm of Woman Fashion Designs, Jean Fares Couture, Beirut, is commited to try as much as possible to join the eco-friendly tool kit to our spirit for a distinguished elegance. Our latest F/W 2008 collection "Living...Eco" was equally an homage and encouragement for people to love and saveguard our environement. You may like to visit our website:

Wishing you Ellanit all success!

Go Green!
Norma from Lebanon


This kind of message and support warms the cockles of our green hearts. Maybe if men and their wars can't make sense of this world, the hip women will make peace through eco-fashion.

::The Honey

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