How Chic is Your Ride? Show Off Your Bike, Win This Exclusive Topshop-Designed Two-Wheeler!

TopShop bike photo.jpg

Photo credit: TopShop

Because Topshop hearts chic cyclists, the fashion retailer has partnered with to reward folks who have traded in their gas-guzzling autos for pedal-powered two-wheelers.

Fashion-forward cyclists—April, your wish for better-looking world with more chicks on bikes is about to come true—are invited to submit photos of their freewheeling hot rods for a chance to win a special TopShop-designed bike valued at $3,000. (Dudes are welcome, too.)We received the press release over the transom just this morning, even though the deadline for the last photo submission is July 17, but if you hop to it, you still have time to enter yourself and your bike. Or at the very least, get to ogle some stylish cyclists and their too-cool-for-school rides.

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