Hot Hot Santa Strips for Global Warming and 1% for the Planet

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Santa's red suit - classic fashion at it's best, right? The baggy pants, the furry coat, the black plastic belt. Well, you'll appreciate Santa's level of cover up after you see the hilarious (and somehow, slightly gross and sacrilegious specter) of Santa stripping it all off, right down to his BVD's.

Of course, Santa has a right to strip - global warming has pushed Arctic ice into a death spiral and opened up the Northwest Passage. And, Santa is also stripping for a good cause: a whole boatload of good businesses (including TreeHugger fav Patagonia) have over the last six years joined 1% for the Planet. Like the name says, this organization makes sure 1% of the annual sales from member companies and uses it on environmental restoration and protection, but we're obviously not at Happy Planet yet. Hit the jump to see Santa strip and find ways to contribute.
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More than 1,000 businesses involved in 1% For the Planet (FTP)
And that's good, because the organization says corporate philanthropy actually averages about 1/10th of 1 percent of sales, and only 4% of total charitable giving. There's a lot of money being earned out there, and 1% for environmental protection and restoration doesn't seem like a lot. Americans gave nearly $300 billion to charity in 2006 - but the environment received less than 2% of the loot.

Now 1% FTP is becoming one of the largest funders of environmental work - $12 million annually to over 1,500 environmental groups, and a total of $30 million given to date. 1% FTP doesn't funnel money through to organizations - it merely certifies that the money indeed reaches the recipients. Unfortunately, the list of organizations to contribute to is growing faster than the list of companies donating 1%.

1% FTP is another good way to aggregate consumer spending for green good, somewhat akin to Carrotmob, Strawberry Earth and Porkkanamafia, except the percentage of your purchase going to an environmental cause is fixed. To find 1% businesses, look for the logo, go to the great global database at their site to find businesss, hit their online store or make a direct donation after viewing Santa take it (almost, thank goodness) all off. Via: Hot Hot Santa
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