Hoopla Paints DC with a Chic Shade of Green

Despite the surfeit of green organizations and environmentalists fighting the good policy fight in Washington, DC, let's face it, the nation's capital is dowdy, offering fashionistas few outlets for green artisans and designers.

Hoopla would like to change that. Situated in the dense strip of bars, restaurants and shops on 18th Street NW that is the Adams Morgan neighborhood, Hoopla brands itself as the city's go-to spot for "global green style." That means soy based candles, handbags made from recycled records, paraben-free skin care products, and furnishings made from recycled bicycle, automobile and computer parts, among other intriguing items. The store has an extensive list of eco-friendly partners, including Sworn Virgins, makers of cozy knit dresses spun from pure bamboo, and TreeHugger favorites Ecoist and Montrealers Grace & Cello.
According to manager Michael Thorpe, the store aims to be a meeting place and host of green events in the near future. This week the store is celebrating the work of jewelry artist Allyson Smith with a champagne and chocolate fondue event on Saturday, February 9th from 7 to 10 p.m. Check out more photos on the store's Flickr page.

Hoopla Paints DC with a Chic Shade of Green
Hoopla would like to

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