Holstee's Functional Eco-Hipster Tees


Credit: Holstee

If your collection of organic cotton tees is looking drab, check out Holstee's t-shirts and multifunctional "fins," made from recycled plastic bottles and industrial polyester scraps. These street-style gray t-shirts have functional colorful pockets that zip, and would fit right in with any eco-hipster's wardrobe. Click through for photos of the fin, a bandana/wrist band/handkerchief; designed with cowboy-style in mind.


Holstee Fins. Credit: Holstee

From Holstee:

Holstee Tee's minimize waste destined for the landfill by sourcing 100% of their jersey fabric from discarded plastic bottles and industrial scraps which amazingly result in a soft heather gray fabric. While many shirts travel for months on a boat around the globe to "reduce costs", Holstees are locally produced in the United States, under ethical circumstances. Each shirt is not packaged in plastic as usual, but in a compostable bag made of corn and other renewable materials. The bags decompose at the speed of an apple (about 60-90 days). To continue paying it forward, 10% of all revenue is used to empower entrepreneurs in the developing world, through micro-lending.

Men's tees retail for $40, and unisex fins for $20; they are available at Holstee's online shop.

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