Holiday Wish List: Kim LYONS Recycled Silver "Nebula Beam" Ring

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"Nebula Beam" ring in yellow silver by LYONS jewelry. Credit: Kim Lyons
Kim Lyons, the designer behind LYONS jewelry, is incorporating recycled materials into her collection. When old designs are sold she incorporates "green" metals like recycled yellow silver--which has look of gold at a lower price point--recycled sterling silver, and finds use for all scrap metals in the process. Her "nebula beam" ring above utilizes her new process, click through to hear from Kim and find out where she finds her precious metals:
TreeHugger: Can you tell us about the recycled, reclaimed, or "green" materials used in your collection?

Kim Lyons: Recycled 'yellow' silver is made from 100% reclaimed silver and alloys are added to give it the yellow color. Gold is very expensive right now, and yellow silver offers the customer a look of gold without the price. I also, use all my scrap and turn it into new recycled designs. The style orbit' for example is made from all my scrap. And 'nebula beam' is cast in recycled yellow silver and silver.

TH: Where did you find the materials?

KL: Right now there is only one casting company in New York, Taba Casting (on 46th street) that is using 100% recycled silver. They are buying it from a company called United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. and Hoover and Strong. Both companies introduced green products last year and all of their metal is recycled, meaning that it comes form old jewelry, that has been re-claimed and re-melted--it is a process that helps to protect the environment. Also, there is no residual damage to the environment like what's happening in places like South America where rivers are turned red from the mining process.

lyons jewelry photo

"Nebula Beam" ring in recycled silver by LYONS jewelry. Credit: Kim Lyons
Post Update on December 6, the recycled yellow percentage formerly read 50%.

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