H&M; Clothing to Boost Organic Cotton Use by 50 Percent in 2009

H&M organic recycled cotton clothing photo

A selection of H&M;'s spring 2009 line made with organic cotton and recycled materials. Image via: H&M;

If you're a fan of H&M;'s organic cotton clothing, get ready for more!

H&M; is increasing their use of organic cotton in 2009 by 50 percent over last year, when they used an estimated 3,000 tons. Which means, if we do the math, we can expect they'll be using about 4,500 tons of the good stuff this year!

Why is organic cotton so important?Time and again we've mentioned the benefits of using organic cotton, but it really can't be said enough: conventionally-grown cotton uses 10 percent of the world's pesticides and 25 percent of insecticides—but it only occupies 3 percent of arable land. And those pesticides and herbicides pollute our water and our air.

And as if the huge boost in organic cotton weren't enough, H&M; is also making clothing with recycled materials this year: polyester recycled from PET bottles and recycled fabric remnants, as well as recycled cotton from production fabric remnants. (Personally, I cringe at the thought of any polyester against my skin—it's made from oil!—but people buy it, so it's at least better that companies like H&M; are making use of plastic bottles in their recycled polyester blends.)

What will be available? Women's organic and recycled clothing including shirts, t-shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses. While men can get organic or recycled suits, shirts and sweaters. Youths and kids collections will include t-shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, vests, jeans and more. Add to those items a bunch of accessories, and H&M; is taking long strides to green their clothing.

Now if only my bank account balance would expand by 50 percent...

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