Hip & Zen

fish vase.jpg
At the Hip & Zen Web site, the intent is to please those with a "modern soul." If Hip & Zen were on a job interview and were asked to pick four words to describe itself, we bet it'd say "calm," "unity," "harmony," and "sophisticated." Though not everything for sale—guys and girls clothes, home wares, gifts, and jewelry—is totally 100% eco, it seems the buyers are making an effort in the right direction. A nifty gift section allows you to search by price, because, hey, we all gotta get something for someone sometimes. (Hey, if there's any greenwashing going on here, it's not on my part, guys.) But what we really like are the handy little symbols below each product description that denote whether items are handmade, fair-trade, made from recycled materials, or all-natural. Our picks from the site are the lovely Fish vases seen here, from Portugal. $78-198. ::Hip & Zen [by MO]