High Levels Of Lead In Chinese-Made Women's Accessories

QVC Maxx New York Quilted Patent Double Handle Satchel

Yellow Double Handle Satchel. Image credit:QVC.

Virtually all vinyl products made in China have lead salts added to stabilize the vinyl polymer. There are cost effective alternatives for vinyl stabilization such as calcium or tin compounds. But, Chinese manufacturers stay with their lead. Now, it's been found in faux-leather wallets and purses sold in California. PETA will be mad. Or will they? Look below for details.Via the Center for Environmental Health, and the The LA Times, one of those old fashioned newspapers that deserves your support,...

Testing by the group over the last six weeks found lead in handbags, purses and wallets from Bay Area outlets of chains such as Target, Macy's, Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Sears, JCPenney and Ross. Brands with lead traces included Nine West, Xhilaration and Rosetti. .
The CEH researches and litigates cases involving California's Prop. 65 law on environmental hazards.
Some items had lead levels up to 90 times higher than the federal standard, which limits lead in paint to 600 ppm, the group said. Though lead was found in handbags of all colors, the group said it was most prevalent in yellow, green and orange colors.

Torn between the need to save money, animal rights, ethics, and health risk?
"Patent" or "Patent Leather" is a euphemism for vinyl. If its made in China, it has lead added. Want to get the lead out? There are plenty of fashionable bags made of non-vinyl materials. Take some personal responsibility and choose a better material.

Angry and want the government to force retailers to test for lead levels? There's no need for testing. If it's made in China, it's got lead.

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