Hessnatur Offers 25% Off Plus Free Shipping

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Over the past few weeks we've been encouraging our readers to participate in our Eco-Tee Design Challenge over at Planet Green. The Challenge, which now includes 50 designs chosen by all of you and our editors, is in collaboration with Hessnatur. The winning design will be printed on a Hessnatur t-shirt, which will be available for sale worldwide.

Hessnatur creates pure and natural clothing, with a simple principle: to respect the planet and the people who produce and wear our clothes. The company is offering a special offer for TreeHugger readers, so continue reading to find out the details.Since the founding of Hessnatur over 30 years ago by environmentalist Heinz Hess, the company has created organic and natural clothing - made from 100 % natural fibers - with ethical business practices, social responsibility, and a simple belief: clothes are more than what you wear, they're how you choose to live.

So from now through September 30, 2009, TreeHugger readers will receive 25% off their online purchase plus free shipping and returns. Coupon code: LTH234. Hessnatur
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