Henri Lloyd Sailing Apparel Incorporates Recycled Polyester in 2010 Collection

henri lloyd blue eco

Henri Lloyd Blue Eco jacket, 2010. Credit: Henry Lloyd

Sailing and Yachting apparel company Henri Lloyd is incorporating Teijin's Eco Storm, a recyclable and waterproof material made from recycled fibers laminated with a thin polyester film, into their Blue Eco Range collection for 2010. The Eco Storm material is part of Teijin's Eco Circle, a closed-loop system that recycles polyester, Eco Textile News reports:
Customer can bring worn out jackets and garments to Henri Lloyd Blue Eco partner locations and they will be sent to Teijin Fibers' Matsuyama plant in Japan. At the plant, materials are converted into polyester raw material (after chemical decomposition), and turned into Eco Circle fibers, which will then be a part of new products.

According to Teijin, recycling through the Eco Circle system reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 80% when compared to petroleum-based processes used in producing polyester. Paul Strzelecki, joint chief executive of Henri Lloyd, speaks to the company's first step in creating sustainable marine clothing, below.

It is a very exciting time, particularly with our exclusive marine wear association with Teijin who are pioneers in this field. We not only aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the environment but also want to provide our customers with an opportunity to actively participate in the mission to help preserve our oceans. We look forward to further developments in this area, and hope the 'closed loop' recycling system will set the course for the future of marine clothing manufacturing.

:: Eco Textile News

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