Help + Art — Fair Trade Crafts Online

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Shopping online – yes we love the convenience, even the most dedicated TreeHuggers are lazy too! Which why it’s lucky for us that there are a growing number of online Fair Trade shops where you can browse to your heart’s content with just a click here and a click there. Help + Art are one such example who not only have some gorgeous gifts to choose from but are ‘commited to fight against exploitation of people and nature, child labour and gender discrimination in the work place.’ These might be serious issues to consider when on a ‘retail therapy’ mission, but ones we should be thinking about whilst eyeing up our latest object of desire. TreeHugger thinks retail therapy shouldn’t just be for the buyer, but also for the supplier. Help + Art are selling crafts across Europe which they buy at fair trade prices in Asia, Africa and South America. They concentrate on buying from individual workers, family businesses and small cooperatives. All their suppliers are Fair Trade certified ensuring that they get paid a fair wage, work in safe conditions, prohibit child labour and their work is environmentally friendly. Ooh look at those funky recycled juice carton bags they have…::Help + Art