Help an Eco-Designer Make It to New York Fashion Week!

Tara St. James

Video credit: Tara St. James

With the clock counting down to New York Fashion Week, Tara St. James of StudyNY and 5 in 1 needs your help to make it down the runway. The former creative director of Covet wants to launch her first solo collection this fall, but in order to do so, she needs to raise some serious dough--a whole five grand. So far, she's managed to amass pledges amounting to $3,000, but with four days left before her Kickstarter request expires, things are cutting pretty close (pun not intended).

Watch St. James' utterly adorable video, and learn more about The Square Project, below the fold.

The Square Project from Jesse Benjamin on Vimeo

The Square Project, as described by its designer, is a "study of shapes in relation to the human form." Each of the nine styles (a square number!) is composed of a different number of equal-size squares. "The wearer completes the garment by filling it with the very fluid form," St. James says, adding that the the pieces will flatter every figure. "The goal is to create a sustainably developed collection that can be worn in several different ways, using the most basic shape possible."

Pledge as little as a buck and help a sister out at Kickstarter, then follow her progress on her blog and Twitter.

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