Hello Kitty, Goodbye Disposable Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

hello kitty solar power cell phone charger image

Solar powered Hello Kitty chargers sound adorable, right? And the little one just has to have every piece of Hello Kitty merchandise there is—it’s part of the collector’s set! She needs them all! Even the overwhelmingly pointless, waste-producing products like this Hello Kitty Disposable Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger.

Well, it’s not supposed to be disposable, but evidently the Kitty's solar charger sputters out after 500 uses or so. That means you'll have to pick up a new one every year or so. And the strange thing is, Sanrio already makes a fully functioning, longer-enduring Hello Kitty cell phone solar charger.

So why offer a downgraded, so-called solar powered renewable charger that’ll add to a landfill in less than a year? It’s all about the money of course—that superior charger hits the upper echelon of the portable solar power price range at around 160 bucks. With so many other solar chargers to choose from, we say skip the Kitty altogether and head towards more affordable, more functional pastures—a solar charger that won’t dry up after a year’s use, and won’t break your bank.

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