Haute Trash: Fashion from Rubbish

Image: Trash to Fashion Awards New Zealand 2004

Trash to fashion is not a new concept, but might be just a little out there for most. TreeHugger has touched on trash fashion before in the story on Trashin' Fashion and Trashion. Personally I love the inventiveness of anybody willing to turn old trash into wearable art which is what most of these creations are. But ... Who is doing it? And why?

Haute Trash is a troupe of artists and designers who produce runway fashion shows and other performance art featuring haute couture made from society's trash, they create fashion out of trash in order to entertain, educate and empower others to rethink, reuse and recycle. They are appearing at Burning Man's Green Open House on 14 April and Sierra College Earth Day Celebration on 19 April.Trash to Fashion, New Zealand’s largest recycled art/fashion show is on every year in November. Entrants must first register and then have 4 months to create something in one of the several categories.

Windfall ecology festival June 2007: Trash Fashion & Design Awards combines and celebrates the elements of fashion design with the creative use of garbage.

Junk to Funk: Recycled Fashion Show Contest
- a night of trash, fashion, art and sustainability in Portland.

Junk to Funk Vancouver: an Eco-Fashion, Art and Design exhibition part of Vancouver Youth Awards, to be held in May.


Image: Junk to Funk fashion show Portland
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::Trash to Fashion
::Junk to funk Portland
::Junk to funk Vancouver
::Trash Fashion & Design Awards

Image: from Windfall Ecology Festival

[Thanks Nat from CRAFT zine for the link to the Haute Trash site]

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