Happy Father's Day. Here's an old gift guide for you.

fathers day gift guide 2012
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We don't have a Father's Day gift guide this year; Jeff once called it one of those fake, annoying holidays brought to you by consumerism. But we do believe in recycling, so here are some of our great gift guides from the past.


Steampunk cufflins© TimeInFantasy
My favourite gift from the 2012 gift guide summed it all up in a single slide: Useless old watch mechanisms turned into useless cufflinks. Melissa calls these "rare Russian movements" but they have Seiko Japan engraved all over them.


lowball glasses photo

People still cared about Mad Men in 2011, and the hot gift was mid-century vintage glasses for your Canadian Club. This is still a really good idea; I use my father's and everything tastes better in them.

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brooklyn brewery beer bottles fathers day photo

This is a good idea, not too expensive and always appreciated; a nice set of local brews in bottles. You don't have to live in Brooklyn; almost every city has a local brewery or two these days.

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camelback better bottle photo

Remember Bisphenol A in your water bottle? This was the year of the big Nalgene panic, when everyone was tossing out their water bottles. Camelback offered these nice stainless steel ones. Now almost every bottle is BPA free, although it is fascinating how people freaked out so much about their water bottles and keep eating canned tomato sauce. More from 2009


best of green design architecture strida photo

2008 brought a range of interesting gift ideas, from the Magno Wooden radio to the Strida bike, that I loved and rode until it fell apart under me. Areaware, which sold it, is out of the bike business, parts are unavailable so nobody can fix it. Bad call on our part. More from 2008

Happy Father's Day. Here's an old gift guide for you.
We didn't do a gift guide this year, but we are big on recycling.

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