Handmade, Recycled Shopping Bag Wallets

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Image via: Blank Entity

In the world of recycled fashion, there's the recycled candy-wrapper purses, the duct tape wallets, the seatbelt bags, and now there are shopping bag wallets made from those plastic grocery bags that everyone is banning lately. Creater and designer Blain Kennedy, owner of Blank Entity, who has personally banned plastic bags, has come up with a way to reuse those pesky bags without the additive of extra (or toxic) materials.

Inside the Mellow Yellow Blank Entity Wallet Photo

Designs come from bags picked up from all over the world that people send him, thus no need to just take unused bags for the purpose of making a "recycled" wallet. In addition to the bag submissions, Blain also pilfers his local grocery store, which recycles these bags, so he always has a steady supply of materials. Each bag is handmade by Blain with no added glues, toxins or other materials besides #2 and #4 plastic bags.

Look for Blain pilfering a local grocery store near you, or find his creations online at Blank Entity. All wallets retail for $20 USD.:BlankEntity
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