Handbag Hysteria Hits Hong Kong

The Anya Hindmarch "I am not a plastic bag" handbag was a source of great debate and controversy in England. It was originally sold, with all the best intentions, as an ethical designer carrier bag, designed by a hugely popular, and expensive designer. Twenty thousand of the £5 bags sold out in an hour as eager fashionistas lined up at supermarkets across England to scoop them up. Then it turned out that the so-called green handbags were made in China, using cheap labour. And the bag was neither organic nor fair trade. Never mind the air miles. So what did that whole exercise achieve?

Over to Hong Kong for the next round of conspicuous consumption madness. Despite the searing heat almost 2,000 people lined up overnight to get a copy of the same bag, many because they had heard about it in London and New York and were curious. The shopping centre was forced to call in police when huge crowds demanded to be let into the store and there was further anger when Anya Hindmarch refused to open her shop. The ethical/environmental principles behind the launch seem to have been lost completely, as it turned into a caricature of what the green movement is trying to achieve. A pity. ::Australia Herald Sun (Thanks tipster Linton!)

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