Hand-Knitted Laptop Cases are Hot Items for a Good Cause

knitted laptop case photo

Photo by KrochetKids via Cool Hunting

The Steven is a new hand-made laptop case crafted from eco-friendly(er) materials. But we aren't touting it just for its green features. The Krochet Kids, whose mission is "To empower people to rise above poverty," have created this accessory as a way to help women in Northern Uganda set their own sustainable business. According to Krochet Kids, "Not only are the materials sourced locally from Kenya and Uganda, but we will be giving half of all proceeds of these cases to children's education initiatives as well. We look forward to you being able to invest and care for your educational tools, while we provide them to future generations in Northern Uganda."

While the interior is organic cotton, the down side is that the covers are made of acrylic yarn. But locally sourcing sustainable yarn that uses natural fibers may make the whole endeavor more difficult and less green overall. The covers run $50 and are sized for a 13" MacBook.

It's great to support a cause like this, but if you're crafty yourself, you might want to dramatically shrink the footprint of your case by making it yourself out of recycled materials.

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