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Gift baskets like "Get Your Groove On," "Espress Yo'Self" and "Happy Hour" will lift anyone's spirits. Thinking about getting a "welcome home" "congratulations" or "here's a little extra energy with that new baby" gift from traditional eco-stores and you will have to make the basket yourself. The Groovy Mind now offers 23 different, creative gift baskets for literally just about any occasion, or simply "just because." Gift wrap and a card are included with your purchase of each gift basket. tealicious-gift-basket.jpgThe Groovy Mind sells organic and fair trade coffees and teas, fair trade crafts and toys, and eco-friendly organic and recycled accessories. You can get organic tees, recycled messenger bags, and even, a Treehugger favorite, ceramic coffee cups. Don't see a gift basket that meets your needs? You can always pick and choose the items that you want - the Groovy Mind will sell gift bags and cards individually if you need to complete that the perfect gift.

Each of the gift boxes retails between $30 and $175 depending on how elaborate you want to get. :The Groovy Mind
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