Greygoods Wants You to Say It With T-Shirts, Not Flowers

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I've personally never been a fan of cut blooms, organic or otherwise. Sure, they look pretty for a day or so, but then the inevitable path to entropy sets in: the drooping, the wilting, the petals and leaves scattered across your table like spent New Year's confetti, and the pungent perfume of decay and rot.

You won't confuse Greygoods' 100 percent organic cotton T-shirts for actual flowers, even if they are rolled up into rosettes. But for erstwhile bouquet senders who prefer their sentiments to have an extra dimension of utility, a four-pack of tees makes a quirky yet practical gift or college care package. Available in crew neck and V-neck styles for both men and women—in myriad colors like slate, brown, army green, and cream—the T-shirts are no frills and fuss-free, although printed versions, as well as youth sizes, are in the pipeline.

Prices start at $14.50 for a single tee, and $38 for a pack of four. If you're a T-shirt designer looking for blanks, wholesale ordering is also available.

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