GreenKarat Recycled Jewelry

You may not have thought much about the ecological impact of a wedding band or a pair of gold hoop earrings, but GreenKarat sure has. Unfortunately, industrial and manual methods of extracting precious metals and gems can damage land and ecosystems. Small scale miners often use excavation and extraction techniques which are harmful both to themselves and to the environment. For example, by using cyanide and mercury to separate gold from rock, miner frequently disperse poisons into the environment and their own bodies. Sadly, this is only one of many examples of the trauma mining can cause... But by teaching miners other marketable skills and providing ecologically responsible alternatives, such as jewelry made from recycled precious metals and high-end synthetic gems, these dudes are doing their part.

Guys: We are not suggesting that you substitute fake gems in your efforts to win your gf's hand (c'mon, you know she'd be pissed), but a nice band of recycled gold ($100-1,600), will do. And a pretty yellow "diamond" ring ($975) is great guise for traveling or cocktail parties. Plus, GreenKarat also offers a voluntary carbon offset tax, which allows you to buy credits toward neutralizing carbon emissions associated with the energy usage of mining and making jewelry. Thanks for the tip, Brian B! ::GreenKarat [by MO]

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