Green Scene 2007: San Diego

Green Scene 07 flyer
Saturday night the Fashion elite of San Diego and the fashion curious were out in full force for the annual Green Scene 2007. The event was hosted by Zagrodnik + Thomas Architects in the ZTA Gallery and featured a mixture of green art, architecture and fashion.

The ZTA Gallery opened at 6pm where attendees could peruse the collection of green art, architecture, design and fashion items from local artists and businesses. This preview hour was a nice time to taken in the art, and more importantly the community. There were just as many kids as adults at this event, oohing and aahing over the recycled materials in the art. The event was a great venue for encouraging thought about different uses for common everyday items.
Some of the eco-art included surboards made of biofoam and soy oils, of course, we're in San Diego so its only fitting that the art represent the (community) environment. There were also lamps made of automobile air filters and traffic lights, as well as tables made of kirei and recycled chairs.

Another aspect of the event included green education of urban density. For example, the number of hours spent in traffic in one year in LA is 136, in NYC the number is 73 and in San Diego that number is 51. Other comparisons included the land area needed for population densities of different cities, and the number of planets needed if everyone lived at the same density and consumption level of different western cities.

ZTA decided to include a green fashion show because there are sustainable properties in architecture just as in fashion. So, the company put out a call to designers and then analyzed submittals to ensure the projects were sustainable, fair trade and not green washing. Christina Sarkees, an interior designer with the firm, said she hoped that Green Scene allows the community to see that there are alternatives to current products and that Green Scene changes how people think about the planet, particularly their consumption choices.

Featured green brands include Salvation Sacks, Organo, RetroFit Designs, Quiet Hero and Our Pink Meadow. Designers from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising of San Diego also shared their creations, particularly designs by Kristin Frick, Bridgetta Einsley, Juan Carlos Olivas and Eric Christopher Au. Hair and makeup for the models was also provided by environmental and cruelty free products.

The fashion show itself was a nice blend of things you can wear and things that are out there. Models traded off on several different platforms, with lounge-type music in the background and eco-facts and photos displayed on different screens. While this was not a Fashion Avenue fashion show, this did have something for everyone. There were couture outfits made of bamboo sticks and palm skirts, there were shirts made of bamboo and organic cotton, and there were recycled outfits made of bubble wrap and garbage bags. Items included dresses, jackets, shirts, pants and accessories, such as purses and bracelets.

My favorite was the bottle-cap dress made mostly of Fat Tire, Budweiser and IBC bottle caps. At one point there were 12 guys outside the window, one of whom even said "I've waited all night for this." Touche. Another really intriguing item was the shirt whose design, a list of thoughts on war, was created by an autistic child and then transposed onto the tshirt.

Scott Thomas, a Principal with the firm, said that in all business, including architecture, there are tough choices and that he hopes this event educates the public about being conscious about sustainability. Being green and sustainable can be fun as well and that while there are sacrifices, we can come together as a community and make this place better.

Green Scene 2007 was held in conjunction with Ray at Night/. The gallery will be open until the end of the month, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm for those interested in green design who could not make the event. For more information and directions to the gallery, check them out online at .