Green Purses Gone Too Far? This One Is a Planter

We love recycled and green fashions. And we love plants. But...does a purse that doubles as a planter go a little too far? Woolly Pocket has created a designer purse called the Vagabond, and they hope you'll shell out $140 to carrying around a potted plant in order to be fashionable.
The Vagabond is handmade in the US from reclaimed leather and felt that is created from recycled plastic bottles. The sides are porous for allowing extra moisture to escape, while the lining is waterproof. It even comes with an optional $15 hanging system using a reclaimed pully so no one would know your hanging plant basket is really a purse.

Sounds like it's constructed with green in mind but...what's the point? You can't actually put your wallet or anything in it. So, you're actually just carrying around a potted plant.

Again - we love eco fashions. But this is just weird.

via ecouterre
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