Green House Framing: TH-Friendly Picture Frames and Mirrors


TreeHugger had quite the lively discussion the other day about the merits of switching from film to digital photography as we announced that Nikon is cutting their film camera production. We figure that we'll always have a need for picture frames either way, though, whether they come from the 1-hour photo or our own personal computers and printers, and for that, we have good news. Green House Framing handcrafts frames and mirrors from reclaimed and recycled wood, using only vegan and earth-friendly materials from start to finish including earth friendly glues and stains, tree-free and recycled papers, recycled boxes and shipping materials. They have quite a selection of smaller frames (4" x 6", 5" x 7") to choose from, and each has its own unique story about where it came from. Some of the wood used in their limited edition items (on sale now for 30% off) used to be a bed frame they found on the side of the road, and they have some sugar pine mirrors that came from old pipe organ pipes. You can also commission your own custom job, available in a bevy of styles and finishes in any size up to 16" x 20". ::Green House Framing