Green Gifts for Eco-Warriors

Of course we are all sick to tears of more ecological recommendations for Christmas presents, but when they are from the green goddess herself, Lucy Siegle, how can we resist? She prefaces her list with a confession that she is not yet "sufficiently ethically evolved to do a Buy-Nothing Christmas." And a caveat that "the last thing the world needs is more crap, even if it masquerades as eco crap. So no dream catchers, clogs or hemp shopping bags, please." So here are some of the goodies on her list: First up; a set of organic, vegetable wax candles from Amnesty International which will burn for approximately 50 hours. Also for a good cause Ethiopian Coffee which is fair trade and yummy.

Jewellery: we love a pendant made of wooden pieces on a brass chain. And to go with it she recommends: a stylish gold hemp and silk dress by treehugger favourite Ciel. And sparkly shoes with a diamond buckle and stiletto heels.

To encourage a new hobby for that someone special Siegle has a great idea: a complete beekeeper's starter kit, with a hat, gloves, jacket and hive equipment. Don't forget the christmas cards and thank you notes (pictured); made from sheep poo of course. :: Observer

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