Green Fashion: Six Fall Fashion Disasters To Avoid

4. Expensive Distressed Denim

Denim can be deadly for workers or simply horrible for land and rivers near factories. And, the more 'distressed' a denim item is, the more energy and possibly toxic chemicals have gone into it. There's no real need to buy into this trend--you can do it yourself or head to a vintage shop.

5. Ocelot Prints

Dolce & Gabbana's not the only one big on animal prints this fall. Via D&G;.

Leopard prints are back: The question is, are they here to stay? And, just when you thought it was safe, the whole cheesy bow-at-the-neck style (in fact, big bows everywhere) has emerged from the dead. We also wonder why designers (and presumably the fashion-consuming public) are so perennially attracted to leopard and other animal prints when the animals they are modeled on are ever more endangered...interesting social study there. These silk (and silk is also controversial) Dolce & Gabbana creations could be a one-time wear. If, despite misgivings, you still crave the leopard look, vintage finds and swapping are the way to go.

6. Matte Manicures

Photo via bitbythebeautybug.

Perhaps because the economy is still gloomy, gray and black are big fall colors, and black matte (as opposed to shiny) manicures are all the rage. But before you get a bottle of black nail polish, consider this: Nearly everyone has the plasticizer dibutyl phthalate (DBP) in their bodies, and one source is nail polish. The Environmental Working Group says pregnant and nursing women should avoid all phthalates, which cuts a wide swath through mainstream cosmetics. Progress has been made--go here for a recent list of cosmetic companies eschewing DPB along with toluene and formaldehyde--or try the lower toxicity of products such as Piggy Paint. Do the mani and pedi at home, however, unless you have a green salon you trust. Otherwise, you'll be breathing in toxic fumes.

It's not all bad news with the chillier weather. Plaid, another 80's retro trend, is back. If you like it, there are a million and one vintage plaid items out there just waiting for you at your neighborhood Goodwill (or equivalent). Want to splurge? Add shimmer and glow to all your retro finds with eco-friendlier mineral cosmetics. But the first step? Dig around in your closet to see what lurks in its nether regions. You just might be surprised what is ready to come around again!

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