Green Fashion: Six Fall Fashion Disasters To Avoid

Fall Fashion Foibles photo

Best and the worst of the Eighties, all rolled up together. Photo via Top Shop.

The onslaught of fall fashion is underway--on the runway, in store windows, and slathered across an abundance of media outlets. It's inescapable. If adding a few pieces to your wardrobe is unavoidable, try to give these 'hot new trends' a big pass. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at six fashion disasters and their devastating environmental consequences.

1. Shaggy Fur Vests (Or Any Fur At All)

Naomi Fur Trimmed photo

Photo Dennis Basso via Daily Mail.

There's nothing eco-friendly about furs, even if you aren't a dedicated card-carrying PETA member. Producing a fur coat takes about 60 times the energy of making fake fur--so a skimpy vest is just a big waste in temperatures where fur, arguably, could offer weather protection. It is especially egregious to see fur simply used as trimming on Naomi Campbell 's outfits. If you can't stand fake fur, there are some luscious hand-knitted sweater vests this season that can give the look without the guilt.

2. Feathers in Your Cap, or On Your Dress

Feathers by Givenchy photo
The feather revival points to an eco-conundrum. For example, more than 5 million tons of chicken feathers are an annual by-product of killing chickens for meat. Scientists now see great promise in turning these feathers, considered a renewable resource, into posh green fashion fabrics. It can seem like a tricky question. If you don't support chicken factory farms, you probably don't want chicken feather fabric on your body, or feathers in your hat. Unless you absolutely love the look of feathers (in such case seek out synthetics) you might as well leave them for the birds. (Photo via Givenchy.)

3. Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots photo
Unless you are a dominatrix, there are probably more reasons to avoid than to buy these. Not only is this the second year for this trend--making it likely you won't get too much wear from a pair--they look good on a select few, and ridiculous on those of us that are short. Leather isn't an eco-material, and the extra leather used to go over the knee is simply a waste. But okay, let's say you are tall, well-heeled and head-over-heels for the over-the-knee look--head to Stella McCartney for these faux-leather Fierce boots--just be ready to drop a cool $1,400.

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