Green Fashion Pioneer Kuyichi Opens First Concept Store in the UK


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We've been covering eco-fashion denim brand Kuyichi since 2004, when TreeHugger was still in its formative years. Founded in 2001, by international NGO Solidaridad, the sustainable brand -- and winner of our Best of Green Award for Non-U.S.--based Casual Brand -- has spread to more than 500 stores across Europe and now they have their very own concept store, opened in collaboration with their partner brand MADE-BY, in the UK in Manchester. According to the press release, this is the beginning of the roll out of Kuyichi across the UK, Ireland and France -- and to this we can only say, "Bring it on!" Located at 28 King Street (Manchester, UK), the concept store follows Kuyichi's brand philosophy and features FSC wood, natural stones, and tropical plants. Designed by their in-house design team, the 1,363 sq ft. space is simple and "uncomplicated" and offers a wide range of fair trade and sustainable products, including Kuyichi's denim, bags, accessories, and more.

kuyichi concept store photo

Photo: Courtesy of Kuyichi.

Kuyichi continues to experiment with sustainable textiles (and excellent style), including Tencel (a wood pulp fiber), scrap denim, Lenpur (which is made from tree bark), recycled polyester, vegetable tanned leather, recycled cotton, bamboo, recycled wool, organic cotton, hemp, and linen.

kuyichi denim photo

Kuyichi's Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Photo: via Kuyichi
kuyichi denim photo

Kuyichi's Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Photo: via Kuyichi

In 2009, they achieved a huge milestone when it announced that all of its products are made of 100 percent sustainable materials -- ranging from recycled polyester from PET bottles, organic cotton, recycled cotton, and vintage fabric remnants collected from factories.

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