Green Fashion: New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 Nolcha Ethical Fashion Preview (Slideshow)


Image courtesy of Van Markoviec/Bel Esprit

Green Fashion has come a long way in the five years since TreeHugger has launched, when it was tough just to find an organic cotton T-shirt. As a testament to that fact, at yesterday's Nolcha Ethical Fashion Preview in New York, there was hardly an organic cotton T in sight. Designers including Rene Geneva Design, Room to Roam, and Tammam are taking sustainable and ethical design to a whole new level of chic, ,working in organic cotton, hemp-silk blends, and peace silks that don't only do justice to people and the planet, they are masters of artful tailoring and textile design as well. It wasn't all high-falutin' eco-chic, though. Playback showed cozy casual wear (okay, and some of T-shirts) while the Andean Collection touted a new line of everyday-wearable jewelry made from simple natural materials by women in Ecuador. Click through to see highlights from the show.

New York Fashion Week Ethical Fashion Show Highlights

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